In order to design an efficient signage system, proper planning is essential. What IDENTICORP brings to each project is an unrivalled experience and an open-minded approach. Our philosophy on Wayfinding for facilities can be supplied on request.

St John of God

Making no assumptions, we begin by asking what may seem like a basic questions: Who is going to use this environment? Who will they be visiting? For what purpose? Which major routes should they be encouraged to follow?
The answer to these questions provides us with the information we need to understand how you work. Our consultants are trained to analyse your particular needs and then work with you to devise effective solutions representing the best possible working practice. When necessary we prepare detailed floor and site plans, identify circulation patterns and determine sign locations.
We work in close conjunction with architects, designers, facilities managers and other professionals to achieve our aim, which is to present the right information to the right people, in the right place at the right time and in the clearest and most comprehensive fashion.