The Aqua line combines different kinds of products where the acrylic is a distinctive feature thus creating several light and elegant applications. The panel can be made of clear acrylic and can be spaced out from the wall by using stand offs. For easy interchangeability paper sheets can be inserted into the pocket of transparent acrylic.


Design: acrylic flat elements.
Dimensions: small-medium-large size.
Uses: indoor and outdoor.
Applications: wall plate, projection and ceiling suspension.
Materials: transparent acrylic supported by chrome, satinized or polished clamps or
assembled with anodized aluminium supports.
Graphics: interchangeable or permanent. Paper insert, adhesive vinyl or adhesive digital

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AQUA Wall Plate

Door Signs

AQUA Wall Plate

Identification Signs

AQUA Wall Panel

Summarizing Signs

AQUA Indoor Monolith

Safety Signs

AQUA Monolith on post

Directory Signs

AQUA 94 on posts

Wayfinding Signs

AQUA Plate on support

Identification Sign
Self supporting
notice holder made of
an aluminium post
with polished
aluminium clamp.

AQUA Indoor Plate on post

Directory Signs

Made up of a shaped
plate supported by two
lateral posts.